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Upcoming event at Gallery@Oxo, Southbank, London on Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th of May. Find out all the need to know details right here.
the ultimate *eve sleep pop-up* event

Eve has no physical stores. While you can trial some of our products in some Bensons for Beds stores, there is currently no dedicated go-to place. And there’s certainly nowhere showcasing our amazing new adaptable comfort sleep solution: the wunderflip. So, that got our cogs turning.

Despite being able to trial eve mattresses – both hybrid ones and memory foam ones – for up to 200 nights, we felt this game-changing sleep technology needed a stage.

Let the bed battle commence! In true pop-up shop style, we’re asking eve enthusiasts to enter a unique mattress experience in which Team Firm and Team Soft will go head to head. This interactive event will help you determine how you like it in the bedroom. But there’s much more going on too. First, let’s get those key deets straightened out.

need-to-know info

Here’s what you need to know about eve’s one of a kind sleep-centric experience:

Where: Gallery@Oxo, Southbank, London

When: Thursday 2nd May through to Sunday 5th of May 2024

Accessible at: 2pm - 6pm (2nd May) and 11am to 6pm (3rd to 5th May)

what the event will involve

We’re giving super snoozers and enthusiasts of eve sleep goodies alike the opportunity to test out our new and innovative wunderflip mattresses in a fun and interactive experience. Why? Well, we want to know whether our eve customers see themselves being better aligned with firmer mattresses or softer ones!

There’s no need to worry though – our new wunderflip mattress collection incorporates some flippin’ wunderful tech that caters to both. This event is basically just to give you guys the opportunity to trial this exciting innovation in action.

To help you determine whether you sit on the team firm or the team soft fence, we’ve come up with a one-of-a-kind interactive event. Grab your diary and make a note of the dates (2nd to 5th May) and the place (the Gallery@Oxo) to get in on the action.

We’ll also be setting up a journey of static and interactive displays, all inspired by sleep data of course. Our lovely event visitors will be guided through the experience where they will be given the opportunity to discover whether they are ‘Team Firm’ or ‘Team Soft’ by testing a selection of different mattresses. But that’s not all…

princess and the pea eve

Much like the heart of the Princess and the Pea fairy tale, many of us are sensitive sleepers. But, would you still feel the pea under multiple mattresses like the princess does in the story? Now is your chance to find out!

We’re giving you guys the opportunity to recreate your very own Princess and the Pea moment. Yes – you’ll be testing out two different stacks of mattresses. And of course, lurking at the very bottom of one of these two stacks will be a pesky hidden pea. Find the hidden pea and we’ll even enter you into a daily prize draw to win a free wunderflip mattress! Neat eh?


Given the excitement instilled by our couple cuddle positions survey earlier in the year, it would be remiss of us not to work this into the event!

Are you a Starfish? A pillow hugger? Or do you sleep on your tummy? We’re giving you’re the opportunity to unleash your inner sleep influencer by sharing your favourite sleeping positions via a snooze selfie booth.

Simply jump onto the mattress and position yourself into your favourite position for sleep. The more eccentric or angular, the better! Plus, we’ll have an aerial camera on hand to snap a pic of you in your preferred snoozing pose.

press snooze

There’s not many of us that don’t enjoy hitting the snooze button and grabbing ourselves a few minutes extra under the duvet. But we’re keen to know more about you guys – are you more of a leap-out-of-bedder? Or do you do the daily snooze button thing?

How better to find this out than with a fun, hands-on exercise!? In order to test how well-slept you guys are and to unveil those professional snooze button smackers, we’ve setup the ultimate reaction game.

Bring your friends and get into the competition spirit. See if you can hit the snooze button the fastest.

falling into bed

There is no better feeling than that of falling into bed after a tiring day. And yet, many of us have difficulty falling asleep fast.

So we decided to have a little fun with this concept. Pop on a pair of inversion goggles and choose between the firm and soft mattress options while your world is upside down.

sleeping tablets

Addicted to mindlessly scrolling through socials before bed? Well, you’re sure to love our innovative bed arcade. Settle yourself on a ‘firm’ mattress and immerse yourself in a classic computer game.

And for those of us that feel we’re more of a Netflix and chill type of person, we’ve got another experience up our sleeves. Lie back in plush comfort, relax and watch your favourite romcom from the comfort of a ‘soft’ film space mattress in our bed cinema!

nap chat

Finally, we’re asking all our visitors to get involved and share their pics, comments and thoughts on the pop-up event on our digital wall. Let others know what you thought of the wunderflip mattresses and the eve sleep experience overall – good or bad, we want to know!

recap of the details

Our eve experience is happening from 2pm on Thursday 2nd May and 11am-6pm on 3rd May through to 5th May 2024. It’s landing at Gallery@Oxo, Southbank, London. And the best bit? It’s totally free to attend and is open to all ages from 6 years upwards! So come and have some fun while finding out what our new products are all about!