our bedding

our bedding

Fancy guest sheets, crisp cotton sheets, stylish sheets, snuggly sheets - we’ve got bedding for every glorious occasion. It’s time to hunker down…

choosing your bedding

Choosing the right bedding can be the difference between an okay night’s sleep and a great one. In fact, we think cocooning in fresh, comfy sheets is a feeling that’s hard to beat.

So, whether you’re a linen lover or you’re all about the crisp cotton, our handy bedding guide will help you find your perfect set in a flash.



natural fabrics

Fibres made by mother nature are hard to beat. Natural fabrics are eco-friendly, sublimely soft and long-lasting. They also are a temperature-regulating powerhouse - keeping you cool as a cucumber when the nights are hot and sticky and comfortably toasty when the temperature drops.


Egyptian, 100% percale, organic - cotton comes in many forms. Certain types of cotton bedding often feel different to the touch. You’ll find brushed cotton and jersey feel sumptuously soft, while 100% cotton percale gives you a crisp, fresh sheet feeling - like the ones you find in a posh hotel.

Thanks to the power of mother nature cotton bedding sets wash like a dream, regulate your temperature and are super long-lasting.


Linen is a natural fabric made from the flax plant and has a whole host of slumber-inducing benefits. You know that too-hot-to-sleep feeling you get in summer? Linen bedding keeps you wonderfully cool, as it’s a dab hand at regulating your temperature.

Not only is it airy and light, but it’s also beautifully soft to snuggle in - and gets softer every time you wash it. Sets like our linen bedding are also easy-care. In fact, you can leave your iron in the cupboard. These can go straight from the washing line to your bed.


Silk bedding might conjure up images of dodgy Bachelor pads, but this very luxurious natural fabric offers more than a smooth feel and an eye-catching sheen. Silk is a breathable material that can regulate your temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, while remaining light and gentle to the touch.


Synthetic fabrics provide a level of comfort at an affordable price. Polyester is one of the better-known synthetic fabrics. It’s inexpensive but doesn’t have the natural softness of cotton, linen or silk. It’s why polyester is often mixed with cotton for added softness.

what is thread count?


People often think a high thread count equals a plush set of sheets, but this isn’t the case. Put very simply, thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads in a square inch of fabric. Still with us? Good. For some fabrics, this means luxury softness. For others, it’s more about the type of thread, than the count. Not to mention, high thread count can also play havoc with your purse strings.

We think it’s better to keep an eye out for the quality of the thread and weave. Longer cotton fibres (like the ones used in our 100% cotton sheets) make bedding deliciously soft, yet durable.

finish and weave



Sounds painful, right? But it’s actually a very clever technique to make soft bedding even softer. You can stonewash cotton or linen - adding a stylish, pre-loved texture. We love the technique so much, we used it on our linen sheets.


Printing is a great way to get detailed patterns and designs onto bedding. The machines can layer different colours over each other, adding depth. It’s pretty expensive to do, but worth it for the premium finish.


A percale weave is made by weaving threads in a criss-cross pattern and gives that classic cotton look. Percale weave sheets tend to be airy, weightless and breathable with a matte finish and crisp touch. Heavenly.


Satin is a silky finish with a subtle sheen made from a high-thread-count manmade material, like polyester. Satin is a perfect choice for that shimmering and gentle touch, with an added level of oh la la.


To achieve a superlative softness, cotton can be brushed. Brushed sheets are often cosier and a perfect bedtime addition for winter months.


Embroidery is decorative detailing that adds individual flair to your sheets. From stitching to French knots, embroidery can add a romantic, delicate finish to your bedding.

design and style


So now you’ve found your ideal bedding material, it’s time to choose the design. Are you after a sophisticated hotel bed chic with clean lines and crisp white sheets? Perhaps you’re fully embracing the Danish Hygge trend and want something cosy, but Scandi? Whatever your bedroom vibe, sheets make the bed.

We think we’ve covered just about everything in our bedding guide, and you should be sheet savvy now. So why not take a peek at the range of bedding we offer?