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Whether you're in need of a good laugh or a good cry, our top 20 collection of rom com titles is sure to offer something for every viewer.
20 *rom coms* you'll fall in love with

The season of love is here and there’s no better way to get in your feels than by watching a rom-com. Guilty pleasure or not, we all love nothing more than a romance now and again especially on the run up to Valentines Day. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a tragedy that will make you weep, a dramatic love story to end all love stories or you’re more of the romantic comedy type, we’ve rounded up 20 of our favourite films we guarantee you’ll fall in love with. 

1. Crazy, Stupid, Love 

In this all-star line up featuring Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, and Steve Carrell (amongst others) we follow the story of a middle-aged husband and how his life turns upside down when his wife asks him for a divorce. Watch the story of a man on a new-found mission to rediscover his manhood while learning the art of picking up girls at bars. It’s a laugh a minute. But, at the root of this rom-com movie, Crazy, Stupid, Love is also a heart-warming watch that is relatable on multiple levels.  

2. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Ah, young love. A film all about how a teenage girl navigates her first experiences of love and all the drama that comes with it. 

3. Just Friends

Though it’s been a long time since its release back in 2005, the main themes explored by Just Friends are timeless. If you’ve ever been forced to fight to free yourself from the confines of the friend-zone, this rom-com will resonate. And if not? Well, it’s still a really enjoyable rom-com to wind down with one evening after work. 

4. PS. I Love You

Laugh, cry, and above all, learn that live and indeed love after love is possible. P.S. I Love You is a rom-com adapted for the screen from Cecilia Ahern’s best-selling novel of the same name. If you’re looking for a heart-warming watch you’ll be able to enjoy over and over again, this gets our vote. 

5. After

A film series that has taken social media by storm and solidified itself as a firm favourite, After is based on the novels of the same name written by Anna Todd. This rom-com is all about the ups and downs of a young couple who are convinced they are soul mates (despite all the toxic situations they put themselves in). 

6. Grease

The sheer nostalgia of watching this epic musical is enough to entice us. Grease is based on the classic premise of the good girl falling for the bad boy, and – as ever – there are obstacles that need to be overcome. If you’re in the mood for an emotional rollercoaster ride of a watch this Valentine’s Day, there are few titles better than Grease.  

7. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

This movie is based on the book of the same name created by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long. The book itself has no narrative. Instead, it consists of a list of comical dating don’ts. And this is brought to life in a hilarious screen adaptation played out by Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. What would you do if the aim of the game was to encourage a guy to lose interest, but he just kept wanting more? Find out how Kate Hudson (aka Andie) handles just such a scenario in this delightfully funny rom-com.  

8. Me Before You

Get your tissues ready because this film is sure to make you weep. Louisa Clark (played by Emily Clarke) accepts the roll of caretaker for a recently paralysed man named Will Traynor and the pair form an unexpected bond whilst Louisa tries to prove to Will he should still value his life. 

9. Pretty Woman

A rich businessman hires an escort to accompany him to some company events, only to find there’s way more to her than meets the eye and he falls in love. Can they bridge the gap between their two worlds? 

10. The Proposal

A pushy boss who risks being deported back to Canada looks for a way to save herself, by forcing her assistant to marry her.  

11. 27 Dresses

Always the bridesmaid but never the bride? Does this feel like the story of your life? If so, you’re sure to find Jane (played by Katherine Heigl) a kindred spirit. 27 Dresses is every bit the emotional rollercoaster experience you expect from a top rom com movie.

12. The Fault In Our Stars

The story is all about a sixteen-year-old cancer patient, forced by her parents to attend a support group, where she meets and falls in love with another patient who attends the group. Together they spare each other on to survive and create lasting memories, but will there be a happy ending. 

13. The Kissing Booth

Another film all about a young girl navigating teenage love and the usual high school dramas. However, it turns out her crush is her best friends brother and it just might turn her world upside down. 

14. The Vow

Inspired by a true love story. Paige (Rachel McAdams) ends up in a serious accident and when she wakes up, she doesn’t remember her husband Leo (Channing Tatum). Leo is determined to revive her memories and their love by taking her on dates again, but her past memories may get in the way. 

15. He’s Just Not That Into You

With a star studded cast, the film follows a group of men and women who are fighting to keep their love lives alive whilst battling against heartbreak and the struggles that relationships come with. 

16. The Notebook

The romance film that everyone needs on their list, regardless of whether you've watched it already or not. Star crossed lovers, kissing in the rain, growing old together... what more could you want? Get your tissues ready at the end though, as this one is guaranteed to make you shed a few tears. 

17. The Lucky One

Written by the same author as The Notebook, we knew this would be a winner. A dejected Marine tries to track down a woman who he believed was his lucky charm after fighting in the war. While staying with her family, he finally finds his calling. 

18. Dirty Dancing

Does this film need any introduction? The ultimate romance film. The story of a summer romance between a dancer and her instructor, despite all odds. We’ll never stop obsessing over the final dance scene.  

19. The Perfect Date

A prime example of the modern day dating scene. A high school student creates an app to offer his services as a fake date in a bid to earn money to pay for college, but his plan gets complicated when he develops feelings for one of his dates. 

20. Dear John

A soldier falls in love with a college student. When he re-enlists, the two are determined to keep their love alive by keeping in touch with letters. This romance-filled title is sure to leave you secure in the knowledge that true love always finds a way. 

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