5 reasons why the warm:cool duvet is the perfect bedroom compromise

not too cold. not too hot. Goldilocks says just right

5 reasons why the warm:cool duvet is the perfect bedroom compromise

Getting that ‘just right’ temperature in bed isn’t always easy. And it gets trickier when you’re not the only one in the bed. Luckily, our clever product boffins knocked heads to come up with a cracking solution: the warm:cool duvet.

The clue’s in the name. With a split tog count, it’s set to solve bedtime arguments across Britain (ok, maybe not all) so that you both wake up feeling wonderfully refreshed. Read on to find out why it could just be the perfect bedroom compromise.

why you should go warm:cool

  1. it’s the best of both worlds
    Did we mention a split tog count? Yup, there’s a cooler side with a 4.5 tog count and a warmer side with a 10.5 tog count. So if you’re the one that’s hot at night and your sleeping partner’s the chilly one, consider your problem solved.
  2. it’s seamless
    When the thought of a split tog duvet comes to mind, do you find yourself thinking one that zips down the middle? Or that’s just not that pretty to look at? Not this one. From first glance, you’d never know it has two different tog counts. We stitched it together so it looks like one duvet. The secret’s in the temperature tags woven into the sides: one is for the warm side. And one is for the cool side. So there’ll be no confusion at bedtime.
  3. both sides are just as snuggly
    You heard it here first. Just because one side is a lighter tog doesn’t mean it’s wafer thin or any less snuggly. It simply has less thermal fibres than the warmer side but still has all of the plumpy goodness that gives you that nice duvet cuddle. Ahhhh.
  4. it’s gloriously breathable
    The duvet’s hollowfibre filling encourages a flow of air while you kip (essential when there’s two of you giving off heat in the bed). And its breathable 100% cotton casing keeps temperatures balanced, allowing any heat to escape easily. Just the thing you need to wake up feeling fresh as a daisy. Want to know more? Find out why getting the right temperature is essential for a good night’s kip or discover our top tips for when it gets too hot under the covers.
  5. it’s not just for couples
    Hear us out. The warm:cool duvet could be your perfect ‘all seasons’ duvet so that you don’t suffer when the seasons change. The lighter, cooler side will keep your gloriously cool come summer. The warmer side will be your best friend come winter. And you can always wrap yourself up in the entire duvet like a burrito to get the best of both tog counts.