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your bedroom colours and how they can impact your sleep
*colour and sleep* by Lick’s colour psychologist

We don’t know about you. But when it comes to decorating a bedroom it’s all too tempting to be adventurous with the colour scheme. And being eve, we’d naturally go for yellow to brighten things up.

But rumour has it that certain colours can actually make your sleep space less relaxing. Which can impact your precious zzz’s (not great for the morning after). That’s why we picked the brains of home decor brand Lick’s colour specialist to find out what exactly the deal between colour and sleep is.

how colour affects your sleep

  1. Can the colours we surround ourselves with really have an impact on sleep?
    “I recently read a study about the calming effects pink has on our emotions and how pink can encourage your heart rate to slow down. The study tested people with colour blindness in a pink room, and they experienced calm and tranquility without actually being able to see the colour.

     The colours that surround us have a big impact on our lives, sometimes without us even noticing. So without a doubt colour has an impact on your sleep. It’s important to have good ‘sleep hygiene’ and this can be achieved partly through the colour you choose in your bedroom. Read Lick’s blog on 5 tips for better sleep hygiene in your bedroom and how choosing soothing colours like light pinks or light blues can promote restful sleep.”

  2. Is using loud colours in small bedrooms a good idea?
    “I would recommend avoiding loud colours in a small room as they will energise you and make your brain more active. The best paint colours for a small bedroom are soft neutrals, warm whites, light pinks, blues, greys and greens as they give the illusion that the walls are receding. A neat detail to add some noise is to be creative with your ceiling and use a different bedroom paint colour or to wallpaper it and enjoy the feature as you lay down to ease the day away.”
  3. Would clashing bright colours really make a bedroom less relaxing?
    “Yes, they would indeed. When it comes to promoting sleep, look for the calm in everything, like being clutter free and using simple lines, beautiful textures and soft colours. If you're wanting to be adventurous, the best place to add more is in your guest bedroom. You can wow your guests and keep the calm for yourself.”
  4. Is painting a bedroom in red a big no-no?
    Red is a powerful emotional colour for a bedroom. The best way around this is to play with the monochromes of red. Add white and black to the red and play around with the harmonies and ratios. You may find yourself using pink on your walls (red and white), splashing red as your accent and adding pops of black in metal touches which would look beautiful.”
  5. What’s a good way to introduce calming colours if you rent and can’t paint your bedroom?
    “My top tip is to declutter your space, as the less stimulation the better. Instead, you could bring in colour through art and soft furnishings or bed linen. A rug can inject a splash of colour, so don’t forget about the floor. And to add softness, plants can inject colour and life to the space.

    Read Lick’s 10 top tips on how to decorate your rental home and what to consider when decorating a rental property for more inspiration.”

  6. Is there a bedroom paint colour that can get you in the mood?
    “In the mood for… scrabble?? Haha! A gentle red or pink are the colours that can lend a hand with THE MOOD. Pink is known to act as human kryptonite, and Lick does a glorious pink bedroom paint to get you in the mood. You can also check out their 5 cosy bedroom ideas for Valentine’s Day.”

So there you have it. Consider yourself a pro in the art of bedroom colours. And if you want to really nail a relaxing bedroom, check out our tips to organise your sleep sanctuary. Discover how the temperature of your room can affect your sleep. And try this morning yoga routine to kick-start your day when you wake up feeling utterly refreshed.

Lick is a home decor brand that launched on the day that the UK was put into lockdown. With an aim to shake up the outdated decorating industry, all of their products have been created with a modern lifestyle in mind, making it easier to decorate than ever before.