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what's really true about this magical mix of springs and foam?
hybrid mattress myths busted

Can’t choose between memory foam and springs? Us neither. That’s why we created the glorious hybrid mattress. With all of the top-to-toe support of springs and body-hugging comfort of memory foam, the hybrid mattress is the best of both worlds. And here at eve we have 3 of them: the slimmer lighter hybrid, the in-between original hybrid and the thicker premium hybrid. Skeptical about the idea of a hybrid? Let us bust those myths you might have come across.

four myth busters

  1. hybrid mattresses don’t offer much support
    Unlike traditional springs, the pocket springs we use in our hybrid mattresses react individually to your body’s weight. Which means they deliver top notch support, nicely cushioning your bony bits and keeping your spine aligned. Not only that, but these springs mean the hybrid suits all types of sleepers. From back and side sleepers to a ‘bit of everything’ sleepers, those supportive springs have got you covered. And because the hybrids have from 650 springs in the lighter hybrid to a whopping 1,500 springs in the premium hybrid, you can count on glorious kip night after night.
  2. hybrid mattresses don’t keep you cool
    We ran some tests and found that the foam we use in our hybrid mattresses is 30 times more breathable than traditional memory foam which lets air circulate and stops things getting stuffy. Better yet? The covers on our hybrid mattresses are moisture-wicking. So on those warmer nights, you’ll feel more rested than red hot.
  3. you’ll feel every move with a hybrid mattress
    Nobody wants to feel their other half moving around during the night. And thanks to the foam in the hybrid mattresses, they don’t have to. Each has a memory foam layer which isolates movement. The result? Better kip at night and happy smiles come morning.
  4. you can’t wash a hybrid mattress
    Well, technically you can’t put any mattress in the washing machine. But when it comes to keeping yours squeaky clean, the eve hybrid mattress couldn’t make it easier. All you need to do is unzip the top panel of the cover and chuck it in the wash. Then hey presto. The premium hybrid even has strands of silver woven into its top cover which are antibacterial and help to keep germs at bay. Nifty stuff.

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