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Off to a festival this summer? Here we share some first-hand tips and tricks that could help you get the shut-eye you need to make the most of that festival experience.
sleeping at a festival: 10 quick tips

Heading off to a festival this summer? Here at eve hq, we love nothing more than that exhilarating experience of listening to live music with a crowd of friends and strangers. The music, the dancing, the general feeling of togetherness – ahhh there’s nothing quite like it.  

And yet, sleeping at a festival can be challenging. What with all that noise and rowdiness ringing through those festival campsites pretty much all night long.  

But, a little preparation goes along way. Pair your festival sleep prep with some smart strategies, and you should be able to ensure you get the rest you need to fully enjoy the those must-see bands on the second and third days of the event.  

Without further ado, here are our 10 quick tips for sleeping at a festival. 

1. choose the right tent

Choosing the right tent is the first plan of attack on your mission to make sleeping at a festival easier. Look for a tent that is a bit bigger than you actually need. By giving yourself a little extra space you’ll be able to get comfy much easier. And be sure to look out for good ventilation during your tent shopping trip too. Ventilation can help to keep the air fresh and cool so that you are more likely to sleep better. 

 2. pick a good spot

Securing a good spot when setting up your tent is a must! Look for a flat, dry area that’s a bit away from main paths and plenty far enough from the stages. And wherever possible, secure any spot that offers some natural shade. This will help to keep your tent cooler.  

Pro tip: Find somewhere that’s close but not too close to the portaloos! You want to be able to make it in time if you need a night-time wee, but you don’t want the pretty nasty smells lingering in the air either. 

 3. use earplugs and eye masks

Festival grounds tend to be notoriously noisy. They’re also usually well lit, even at night. So do yourself a favour and pack some high-quality earplugs to block out the noise once you’ve had enough for the day. And an eye mask can help block out any light that’s disturbing your sleep. Taking these small, cost-efficient sleeping essentials along for the festival experience has the potential make a big difference in your sleep quality. 

4. splurge on a roll-mat or an air mattress

Trust us, the extra expense is well worth it! Sleeping directly on the ground can be extremely uncomfortable. And it’s sometimes cold too. But these types of sleep accessories have been specifically designed to keep you comfier while camping as the provide cushioning and insulation. If nothing else, your back will thank you. But we expect those sleeping at a festival who take a roll-mat or an air mattress along for the event will wake up feeling more rested and ready to engage in another day of madness, mayhem, and of course, music! 

5. bring a warm sleeping bag

It might shock you, but night times at festivals can be surprisingly chilly, even in the summertime. But taking along warm, comfy sleeping bag can make all the difference when it comes to staying cosy at bedtime. Always check the weather forecast and choose a sleeping bag with a temperature rating that’s right for what’s predicted. 

6. stay hydrated and eat well

This is probably less surprising, but dehydration and living off junk all day can have a negative effect on your sleep quality. So, make sure to drink plenty of water (in between the booze) throughout the day. And try your best to eat meals that are well-balanced. You should also steer clear of heavy, greasy foods before climbing into your sleeping bed as these are difficult to digest and could result in more disturbances while you’re trying to sleep at a festival. 

7. build a festival wind-down routine

The purpose of a relaxing bedtime routine is to help send signals to your body that it’s time to sleep. Though at a festival, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to carry out all the particulars of your usual bedtime routine. But if you can keep up with just a few of your usually bedtime routine while you’re at a festival, you’re more likely to be able to get the sleep quality you need. If you can, try to take a few minutes to unwind. Reading, meditating, or listening to calming music are all great ways to do this. You should also try to avoid screens and bright lights before trying to sleep at a festival too. This helps your mind relax. 

8. secure your belongings before trying to sleep

Worrying about your stuff going “missing” can keep stop you from sleeping at a festival. So be sure to store any valuables in somewhere secure. A locked bag or a designated secure area provided by the festival could give you some much-needed peace of mind.  

9. use a portable fan

Sometimes the UK weather is hot. And so, staying cool in a tent can be tricky. That’s where a small portable fan could really come in handy. You can use this to help regulate the temperature inside your tent which can in turn make sleeping at a festival a little easier to do. 

10. take your sleep hygiene with you

While it’s awfully tempting to stay up all night, you really will benefit from getting a few hours of sleep each night. To do this, plan your sleep schedule. And remember to include some downtime to carry out some of your usual bedtime routine activities. Plus, if you know you’re going to be up late, taking a nap during the day to recharge is always an option. 

sleeping at a festival: bonus tip 

Above all, be flexible and have fun. That’s what festivals are about after all! Your sleep duration and quality might not be perfect, but that’s okay. Keep your flexibility and concentrate your efforts on having a blast throughout the experience. 


These tips really could help you improve your chances of getting the rest you need to make the most of your festival experience. Prep ahead and get your mindset on track to really make the most of every moment while still catching those essential ZZZs. Happy festival sleeping!