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Here, we get into the nitty gritty of the benefits of reading before bed. Learn all the need-to-know info below.
the *benefits of reading before bed*

We decided it was high-time we dive into the benefits of reading before bed. We wanted to give you the low down on how it can help you get those all important zzz’s. Plus, let us help you create the perfect setting for bedtime reading with our latest launch, wunderflip.

Here at eve HQ, reading is a bedtime-must so why not join us and see how it works for you?


what are the benefits of reading before bed?

Okay, let's start by outlining some of those actual-factual benefits associated with reading before diving under the duvet!

  • Better kip: research suggests that those who read before they snooze generally get a better night’s sleep (1).
  • Say goodbye to screens: exposure to light from electronic devices all the time (especially before bed) is not only bad for your mind but it can also negatively affect your quality of sleep.
  • Improve your mental health: after a stressful day, reading before bedtime can help you calm the mind and stop you from dwelling on any stressful situations.
  • Escape reality: alongside the benefits reading can have on your sleep quality. It’s also a super fun way of experiencing new perspectives and situations you might not normally encounter, without even having to leave the comfort of your bed. Result. (6)
  • Promotes a longer sleep: maybe your lucky enough not to struggle getting to sleep, but you often find yourself waking up throughout the night. Reading for a short time before you snooze may help you stay asleep for longer. (6)


how to create the perfect setting for night-time reads

Getting into night-time reading is all about setting the scene. Here are our top tips for creating a dreamy reading nest in your bedroom:

  • cloud like comfort: a good night’s sleep (and read!) starts when your as comfy as you can be. If you’re mattress just hasn’t been doing it for you lately, we might be able to help. Why not take a look at our range of double sided mattresses (that’s right two different types of firmness in one mattress).
  • plump pillows: making sure you’re propped up and not feeling slumped is super important when reading to avoid any strain to your neck and back. Luckily here at eve, we’ve got the perfect addition thanks to our brand-new hybrid pillows. Shop them here. (link to pillows)
  • keep it cool: by slightly lowering the temperature in your bedroom, this helps to indicate to your brain that it’s time for sleep. Research suggests that the optimal temperature for sleep is somewhere between 15.6 and 20 degrees Celsius. (4)
  • scents for sleep: this one is a love or hate but for some, calming scents such as lavender and chamomile can help promote better sleep. (5)

Want to learn a little more about sleep hygiene and optimising your bedroom for sleep? Read our dedicated blog on precisely this here.

how to: bedtime reading routines

Working bedtime reading into your nightly routine is easy to achieve with a little know-how. And thanks to these savvy tips, you'll be snoozing with your nose in a book in no time at all:

  • Perfect timing: try your best to begin and end your reading at the same time every night, this will help signal your brain that it’s time to snooze.
  • Make sure your reading spot is relaxing as possible: a reading light or lamp will help prevent any un-wanted strain from bright overhead lights. Soft, warm lighting is optimal when you’re winding down.
  • Create an overall bedtime routine: alongside reading before zzz’s, why not opt for other calming activities that help you relax and wind down. Some popular activities include a warm bath, gentle stretching and herbal tea.

Find out some of our favourite stretches here or all things herbal tea here.