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Summer is right around the corner. But, what's summer without its very own reading list? Well, we've decided to share ours to help you choose a great title for you to enjoy in the garden, on the beach, or by the pool when the summer sun starts to shine a little more reliably.
the well read club: books to add to your summer reading list

The sun is shining and despite us having a little bit longer to wait, we’ve all got that Summer feeling. When the brighter weather hits, it’s the perfect time to spend some time outdoors soaking up the vitamin D. What better way to do that than catching some rays with your feet up and your head inside a book.

Whether you’re jetting off on your holibobs or just making the most of the UK sunshine this year, reading outdoors has a huge amount of benefits including reducing stress, improving sleep quality and boosting your mood overall. Thanks to that all important melatonin. 

If you’re on the look out for books to add to your reading list, you might want to keep scrolling. We’ve taken the time to round up our top 5 favourites that you just have to read this Summer (we know, we’re the best - you are too!).

1. The Last Devil To Die – Richard Osman

The fourth book in the Thursday Murder Club series. If you haven’t already then take this as a gift that keeps giving as you’ve now got 4 books to add to your reading list. After a dangerous package is lost when being smuggled across the coast, more and more bodies begin to appear including someone super close to the Thursday Murder Club. The clock is ticking for the gang to solve the case before their luck runs out. But will they manage it?

2. The Idea Of You – Robinne Lee

If you’ve heard about Anne Hathaways latest movie, you’ll want to read this before you watch. Solene’s world is thrown into turmoil after a chance meeting with a famous member of her daughter’s favourite boyband. Their attraction is instant, but it turns into a passionate affair that must be kept under lock and key. What could go wrong?

3. Verity – Colleen Hoover

The tale of a struggling author who accepts an offer to ghost-write a seriously injured authors new work and gets way more than she bargained for. When she moves into the family home to sort through years of notes and outlines, she uncovers an unfinished autobiography that includes page after page of shocking confessions. As she develops feelings for the authors husband, it becomes increasingly difficult not to use what she knows to her own advantage.

4. Her Last Summer – Emily Freud

Twenty years ago, a young girl vanishes whilst backpacking in Thailand with her boyfriend. He’s the main suspect and has since always insisted he is innocent. All these years later, he’s finally decided he’s ready to talk and Cassidy Chambers decides she’s going to be the one to find out exactly what happened. But as she digs deeper into the past, more and more secrets are being uncovered. Will she dig too deep and endanger herself?

5. Funny Story – Emily Henry

When Daphnes fiancé comes to the realisation that he’s actually in love with his childhood best friend Petra, her life falls apart, or so she thinks! She lands herself with her dream job (that barely pays the bills) and finds herself proposing to be room mates with the last person you’d expect… Petra’s ex. Both desperate to get their own back, they form a plan to deliberately mislead their exes into thinking their spending their summer together. But there’s no way that would actually happen, of course.

summer reads: our conclusion

Whether you have a summer staycation lined up or are jetting off to your dream destination, compiling your summer reading list is a must. So, we hope these titles tickle your fancy!

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Happy summer! Let’s hope we see a few more sun-shiney days here in the UK.