refuse to snooze

It’s official. Hitting that tempting snooze button is bad for our health. So, we’re urging the nation to ditch the ‘snooze’ for a cheerier start to the day. Find out below how we’re making it happen.

listen up

What’s better than a 9-minute snooze? How about a podcast with telly hero, Andi Peters, chatting to a host of celebrities chatting about everything from love and motivation to kids and fitness? Guaranteed to make your mornings that little bit brighter.

meet the snooze experts

You can’t throw about big claims willy-nilly, so we enlisted the help of two experts to delve deep into the science behind the snooze. Matt Janes, our neuroscientist, investigated the alarm’s effects on your Sympathetic Nervous System (that’s the part of the brain that causes ‘flight or fight’). While Michael Banissy, our psychologist, unearthed the impact of ‘snoozing’ on your mental health.

we've done our research

Actually, some clever people helped us with it, but that’s not the point. Did you know women are more likely to snooze than men? Or that people aged 35-44 are ‘snoozing’ their way through the morning because of stress. But that snoozing makes you more stressed. If you want to get your hands on these fascinating findings (if only to impress your mates down the pub with your newfound knowledge), click on the link below.

dear apple

Someone once said go big or go home. So that’s exactly how we got the ball rolling on this campaign. On Friday 15th March, we sent an open letter to Apple CEO, Tim Cook, suggesting the tech giants ditch the snooze button in their next software update. But don’t worry if you missed Friday’s paper. The letter’s right here for you to look at.