the memory foam pillow hybrid front and back sleeper

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pressure-relieving, breathable and ideal for front and back sleepers

  • Low-profiled for those who sleep on their front or back
  • Delightful pressure-relieving memory foam centre for your head and neck
  • Springy anti-allergy bounceable-ness fibres for extra support
  • Smart breathable memory foam outer layer for a cooler night’s kip

That supportive sweet spot

We love a hybrid at eve. That’s because we can put two brilliant things together in one fantastic sleep goodie. That’s where our hybrid pillow comes in. It combines pressure-relieving memory foam with airy anti-allergy hollowfibre (more on that in a sec). And with a low-profiled design, it’s a big win for front and back sleepers as it supports your head, neck and back in all the right places. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us. 

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support at your service 

We know our sleeper types pretty well. And that front and back sleepers need extra support for their noggins. So this pillow gently raises your head to keep your spine perfectly aligned while you catch those precious zzz’s. 

a true multitasker 

Because one filling wasn’t enough. We wrapped a memory foam centre in anti-allergy hollowfibre. And wrapped all of that up in yet another layer of memory foam. All to give your head the cushiony comfort it needs. Phew. 

 easy breezy sleep  

Our sleep boffins added a memory foam top layer with a nifty honeycomb design. This allows air to pass through it and works a treat with the clever air mesh borders, and the breathable cotton quilted cover. The result? Your head can breathe overnight, so you feel fresh come morning. 

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