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If you’ve been desperately searching for “mattress recycling near me”, it could interest you to know it’s a service eve offers! And just by adding mattress recycling to your basket at the checkout, you can have your old one collected from your home as your new one is being delivered. How’s that for ultimate convenience?!

Mattress recycling is something we at eve are really passionate about. It’s super important that we all do our bit to help protect our planet after all. And when it comes to recycling a mattress, we know what we’re doing.

What mattress sizes can be recycled?

Well, whether you’re looking into single mattress recycling, double, or even super king size mattress recycling, we cater to all. And we’re happy to take your old one away when we deliver your new mattress (for a small fee) to make your buying experience even more convenient.

Furthermore, if you’re buying a different size bed and mattress – be it a bigger or smaller size than your old one – we won’t be size-ist! You can buy a new single mattress and have your super king mattress collected for recycling and vice-versa if you like. Flexibility is super important

What happens to my mattress when it’s recycled?

During the recycling of mattresses process, we manually strip each and every one be hand. Then each of those quality materials you’ve relied on for a supportive sleep for years and years is given a new life. None, we repeat none of the materials from your mattress go to landfill. But, 1% of the materials we recover are used as fuel for energy.

We’re hard at work alongside our mattress recycling dream-team and have been putting our heads together to come up with a better option for that remaining 1% though.

As for the other 99% of your mattress materials? Well, they are all destined for new and exciting things. The mattress foam will go on to live its life as carpet. And any wool or polyester will find new life as some sort of soft furnishings such as a sofa cushion! As for the steel springs, they get reverted to sheet steel ready to be transformed into any number of things. Snazzy, eh?

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