5 reasons the Morphée is a wind down must have

the clever little screen free device that brings all the chill out feels

5 reasons the morphée sleep aid is a must-have for your wind-down routine

If you’ve tried every trick in the book but can’t quite seem to nail down a relaxing wind-down routine, all’s not lost. Because we have just the ticket to get you saying ‘ahhhh’ in no time.

Yup, the Morphée sleep aid could well be your passport to better sleep. In a nutshell, it’s a nifty little device that’s packed with guided meditative sessions, sounds from nature and music that can help to send you off into a deep and peaceful slumber. But there’s way more to it than that.

how can the Morphée sleep aid help me to wind-down?

  1. it’s relaxing

    As your trusty sleep wellness experts, it’s our duty to bang on about a wind-down routine. But there really is something to it. By winding down, you’re shrugging off the worries of the day and preparing your body for top notch kip. To do this, finding something that really relaxes you is key. Some find that reading a book will do the trick. Others like a nice stretch before bed. And some go for more quirky activities. Then there’s the Morphée sleep aid. Each of its sessions is meant to help you drift away on a peaceful cloud by using the power of sophrology, a form of mindfulness which takes your focus from mind to body. The result? You’re more present, focused, relaxed, and… zzz...
  2. it’ll never get boring

    It might look like a tricky little gadget, but the Morphée sleep aid really is rather simple to use. It has 3 keys which can be turned to create a wind-down session of your choice. And not only do the lengths of each session vary, but thanks to this clever combo of keys, you can enjoy over a whopping 200 sessions. Here’s how it works: the first key picks a theme. The second key picks the type of session (explained in the handy little booklet that comes with the sleep aid). And the third key lets you pick a length from 8 to 20 minutes. The result? You can switch up your sessions night after night, keeping things splendidly varied.
  3. you can use it laying down

    The best bit? You can use the Morphée sleep aid while laying down (arguably one of our most favourite wind-down activities). So all you need to do is choose your session. Hunker down in your favourite bedding and your irresistibly comfy bed. And let the Morphée work its magic while you nod off.
  4. it’s fuss-free

    Faff before bed is a no-go. And with no cables required and a built-in speaker, the Morphée sleep aid is gloriously fuss-free. Not only that, but it’s super lightweight which means you can take it quite literally anywhere (ideal when sleeping away from home). All you need to do is charge its battery which lasts for up to a week. And if you want to keep the noise down low, you can simply plug in your earphones and enjoy the Morphée all to yourself.
  5. it doesn’t have a screen

    You probably know by now that digital screens can be a real sleep stealer. The blue light they give off not only tricks your noggin into thinking it’s daytime and a time to be alert. But endless scrolling can cause your mind to start whirring. Not an ideal wind-down experience if you ask us. Luckily, the Morphée sleep aid’s got you covered. With its 3 simple keys, you can play with it to your heart’s content and not have to worry about that dreaded screen effect. Nice, eh?

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