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how you can decorate your way to calming sleep

There are plenty of things to help you fall into a deep and calming sleep. Reading a good book. Essential oils. Soothing sounds. The list goes on.

But have you ever thought about the way your sleep sanctuary is decorated? Yup, it turns out that what you surround yourself with is just as important as your wind-down activities. Here, we share our top bedroom decor ideas for the restful kip you need to rise and shine.

go for soothing colours

Fancy having some fun with the colours in your sleep space? Good, because it turns out there’s a whole host of soothing colours that are known to create calm and improve your sleep hygiene.

To help us uncover all of the handy details, we enlisted the help of home decor brand Lick who shared advice from their colour psychologist on the power of colour on sleep. According to colour psychology, colours have a powerful and visceral effect on our emotions, so choosing the right colour palette for your bedroom can actually determine whether you feel calm or anxious. Lick’s colour specialist gave us some handy colour recommendations (including a glorious pink that’s ‘like a cuddle in a colour’);

It's all about balance and harmony. If you are looking to unwind, choose soothing colours that won't stimulate you, such as light, nurturing pinks, soothing blues, restful greens and of course, neutrals. These are all colours that won’t demand a lot from you.

They also gave us their top paint colour pairings for a wonderfully calm sleep space:

Check out Lick’s full range of bedroom paint colours.


have a decluttering sesh

There’s no doubt about it: a messy bedroom isn’t the most calm sight to behold. After all, it’s hard to get your zen on when your floordrobe is stacked high or your collection of mugs has reached ‘leaning tower of Pisa’ type vibes.

The best way to tackle it is to have a declutter sesh so your sleep space feels all spick and span. Luckily, our Product Team has some fantastic tips for decluttering.

put together a dreamy bed

We’re not talking about putting an actual bed frame together. But creating a bed that feels like a haven is a splendidly clever way to help you feel calm and ready for a top night’s kip.

Think of it as piecing together a rather meticulous cake that you get to enjoy everyday. First, you’ll need a comfy base. We like bed frames with a grand headboard to help us feel all cocooned. Then, a comfy mattress is a must. Whisk it all together, and throw in an utterly delightful duvet for good measure. Onto the final details, and you’d better make sure you have only the comfiest pillows to rest your weary head on (our pillow guide can help you to choose one). And finally, the icing: bed linen that’s a joy to wrap yourself up in and a weighted blanket for top notch relaxation vibes. Nice, eh?

get the lighting just right

Turns out that light can have a whopping great effect on our sleep. Sleep expert Dave Gibson reckons that even a bit of street light seeping through a window, blue light given off by a laptop left open or light from an alarm clock can prompt you to wake up or stir, resulting in a less than satisfying snooze.

That’s because our body clock tends to take cues from its environment. So just like trying to sleep in a hot room is a real snooze-killer, not blocking out the light (especially artificial sources of it) can lead to poor kip, too. Choosing a good blind or getting an eye mask can help with any unwanted light. And before bed, a dimmer light could help you get the mood just right as you simmer down after a long day. The result? A cracking night’s kip which guarantees a top notch start to the next day.