stretches for better sleep

our handy guide to those evening and morning stretches to feel your best

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At eve, we’re all about giving you the enriching sleep you need, so you can rise and shine with the best of ’em. But we also know that sometimes… just sometimes… your body needs a biiiit of help shaking off that pesky stiffness.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with sleep expert Dave Gibson, to create a set of simple stretches and flexes you can do (some of which while you’re still in bed… see, we’re that good to you), to ease away the aches (we’re looking at you, back, neck and shoulders), and get your bod ready for the day.

Plus, as a brucie bonus, we’ve popped in some relaxing stretches to help you wind down for bed too… therapeutically uncurling those muscles, ready to snuggle in for some well-earned zzzz’s.

Ready for a brighter, bouncier rise-and-shine?

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