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bedtime harmony for blissful sleep
top tips for when it’s too hot under the covers

There’s getting hot under the covers (ooo err). Then there’s being too hot under the covers (less ooo err). You know, the kind of hot when you’re laid next to a nighttime wriggler. Or when you’ve just had a bedtime battle over who gets more of the duvet. Sound familiar? You might be suffering from a slight case of hot-bedded-ness with your sleep partner. Not to worry, though. Sleep expert Dave Gibson and relationship coach Sam Owen share their take on how to cool tempers (and temperatures) under the covers so that you both get the rest you need to rise and shine.

how to get a good night’s sleep

  1. get in sync as a couple
    There’s no doubt about it. Having a sleep partner can meddle with our precious zzz’s. Especially when their routine doesn’t quite match up. Dave’s advice? “Try to go to bed and wake up as a couple. If this isn’t possible, try to set at least one consistent time between you, like the same morning alarm.” Find a routine that suits you both, leading to more harmonious sleep and brighter mornings. According to Sam, sharing a bedtime or wake up time can help to make your bedroom a place of peace rather than a battleground: “When you wake, try to make your first encounter loving and affectionate, reinforcing that sleeping together is an act you enjoy and look forward to.” We find a cuppa in bed works wonders.
  2. create a calm sleep space
    It’s not all about the sleep schedule, though. Bedtime habits can be as much to blame. Things like bringing work to bed, hogging the duvet, watching TV and snoring can all lead to heated late night tiffs. So what’s the key to managing those? Over to Dave: “With so much stress in the world, switching off at night is getting harder. A shared bedtime routine that focuses on meditation and relaxation rather than tech can help you both.”Having the right tools to hand could also be the answer: “Think about how what you see, hear and feel affects your sleep. Like the right amount of darkness. So if one of you wants to read late into the night, you could treat your partner to an eye mask. This will tell your brain you’re in ‘rest mode’ rather than ‘awake mode’,” adds Sam. Luckily, we’ve got just the ticket to help. Our 5 minute meditation is made for bedtime bliss.
  3. resolve bedtime battles
    Our experts’ final bit of advice? Turns out that phrase ‘never go to sleep on an argument’ has something in it. Calming any battles will stop you from falling asleep hot-headed (and hot bed-ed). After all, being too hot can have a mega impact on our sleep. “Going to bed annoyed can sabotage your ability to get a good night’s sleep. So fix issues there and then if you can. If you can’t, agree to chat it through in the morning,” says Sam. If one of you gets hot and the other is forever chilly, we have you covered with this perfect bedroom compromise. As for those nighttime wrigglers, all of our sublimely comfy mattresses stop any motion from transferring. The idea is that there’ll be less wobbling at night. And more happy smiles come morning. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?