switch off with eve

Switching off is easier said than done these days. That’s why we’ve created a movement with tips and tricks to help you rise and shine in an always-on world.

the idea

From never-ending Netflix to the phones glued to our hands, switching off has become as tricky as resisting the biscuit tin. And this ‘always on’ feeling not only leaves our minds running at 50mph, it can nab our precious sleep, too.

That’s why we’re encouraging the nation to switch off and go to bed. Because by getting a better night's sleep, your mornings will be brighter and your days more glorious.

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more ways to unwind

what kind of early bird are you?

We’re not all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when we wake up and this is usually down to the precious moments before bed. Take our early bird quiz to discover what your mornings say about you.

handy tips

An eve mattress isn’t all you need for a good night’s sleep (sorry, shameless plug). Nope, the key is to relax body and mind before bed which is why we’ve given you all the tricks you need for an epic wind-down routine including snooze-worthy foods, simple stretches and guided meditations. Did someone say zen?

spoil yourself

We’re not shy when it comes to pleasure. And luckily for us, studies show there’s a link between orgasms and getting epic quality zzz’s. So if you really want to step up your sleep quality, try ASMR for a soothing (and ridiculously fun) start to the night. Thank us later.

decode your dreams

Ever wondered what your dreams say about you? Well, you might find that unwinding before bed leads you to a land of pure imagination when you sleep. Our dream quiz’ll help you unpick yours (like that recurring one about a naked Zoom call), so give it a go. No judgement here.