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our latest news


27 August 2019

Up and down the country, people are constantly battling with poor sleep. We’ve decided it’s time to do something about it and are campaigning to make sleep a human right. Help us on our mission and find out how you can help. READ MORE


13 July 2019

Sleep isn’t only important for us humans. Even the slowest animals in the world need a good nights kip. Find out more about our latest toe-tapping friend and sign up to see if we decide to make our very own eve sloth. READ MORE


3 July 2019

Here at eve, we want everyone to wake up feeling ready to shine. That’s why, together with Sink the Pink, we’re celebrating the power sleep can have in helping you be your most fabulous self. READ MORE


15 March 2019

It's official. Hitting that tempting snooze button is bad for your health. Read our report on why, and discover the Refuse to Snooze podcast series hosted by Andi Peters. READ MORE



what the internet is saying

what the internet is saying, 27 Aug 2019

‘Eve Sleep is calling for sleep to be recognised as a human right on a par with the rights to life, freedom of expression and privacy in a campaign targeting secretary of state for justice Robert Buckland’ READ MORE, 24 Jul 2019

‘Honest to god it was so cooling and made such a difference, so breathable and didn’t heat up under you' READ MORE, 08 Jul 2019

‘Whilst it is wonderfully snug, it’s also wonderfully firm and will give your back and neck all the support it requires for a good night’s sleep... I fell asleep like a baby on the softest cloud in the sky.’ READ MORE, 05 Apr 2019

'My favourite thing about the eve mattress though is the 'get into bed feeling' it brings. Somehow the mattress welcomes you into bed on a deep, almost spiritual level. Like a warm welcome home for your weary body.' READ MORE