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Have fun crafting your own affordable DIY Halloween costume using just a bedsheet and a couple of household items with our top 10 ghoulish ideas.
spooky creativity unleashed: 10 DIY halloween costumes using bedsheets

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you find yourself in need of a last-minute costume or a budget-friendly option, look no further than your linen closet. Bedsheets are versatile, readily available, and make for fantastic costume material. Let your imagination run wild as we explore a range of DIY Halloween costumes that can be conjured up with a simple bedsheet. eve HQ has you covered, well, technically you will… You know what we mean…

1. classic ghost

The timeless ghost costume is a Halloween staple, dating back as early as 1584 for goodness sake. Simply drape a white bedsheet over yourself, cut out eye holes, and you've got a hauntingly classic look. To add flair, consider using different coloured sheets or adding accessories like chains or a spooky hat. It’s far from a cop-out, it’s a nod to nearly 500 years of spooky history.

 2. mummy mayhem

Wrap yourself in torn strips of a beige or off-white bedsheet to transform into a mummy. Secure the strips with safety pins or fabric glue, leaving enough space for movement; please make sure to do this part while the user is NOT inside the costume, sorry to state the obvious. Add dark makeup around your eyes for an extra eerie effect. You’ll have Brendan Fraser running full pelt in no time. If you’ve got some time, try staining the fabric with black tea, to give some age to the look.

 3. grecian goddess or god

A flowing white bedsheet can effortlessly become a Grecian toga. Drape the sheet over one shoulder, cinch it at the waist with a belt, and you'll embody the elegance of a mythological deity. Take our advice however, remember to wear underwear, all it takes is a gust of wind and you’ll be giving everyone a treat.

 4. superhero in disguise

Use a brightly coloured bedsheet as a cape and tie it loosely around your neck for an instant superhero transformation. You can even cut out a symbol from another sheet and attach it to the front for a personalised touch. The superhero thing is all the rage right now, so get creative, and marvel at the super costume you’ve assembled.

 5. zombie couture

If you want to give undead vibes this Halloween, then get creative with a dark-coloured bedsheet to fashion a zombie costume. Tear and stain the sheet with coffee or tea for a weathered look. Add faux blood or ketchup if you’re in a rush and don’t mind smelling like a hotdog stand, and strategic makeup for a truly gruesome appearance.

6. diy wizard robes

Transform into a wizard from your favourite magical world by repurposing a dark-coloured bedsheet. Simply cut and sew the sheet into a robe, or get creative with safety pins, and don't forget to add your house emblem for authenticity. Fashion yourself a wand by using a nice looking twig, or just buy one of course, but always remember that the wand chooses the wizard…

 7. diy animal onesie

Turn a bedsheet into a cozy animal onesie by adding ears and a tail. Use fabric paint or felt for facial features, and you'll have a cute and comfortable costume for the chilly Halloween night. Nothing beats a onesie for comfort, just remember to include a way for easy access in and out of the costume, it could be a long night if you need a bathroom break and can’t get out.

 8. 80s flashback

Unleash the spirit of the 1980s by turning a vibrant bedsheet into an oversized or even off-the-shoulder top. Include a side ponytail, hair permitting, pair it with leggings and bold accessories for a totally tubular look. You can make this super spooky if you mix in some inspiration from the 80s classic “Thriller” music video, and add a dash of undead to the ensemble. 

 9. classic roman soldier

Fashion a Roman soldier costume by wrapping a red bedsheet around your torso, securing it with a belt. Add embellishments like gold trim or faux armour pieces for an authentic touch. Or just go for a Roman Emperor look with a simple toga to give ruthless ruler vibes, and take control of your empire.

 10. floating head illusion

For a whimsical and slightly eerie effect, wear a matching bedsheet over your body and head. Attach a lightweight object (like a balloon) to the top of the sheet to create the illusion of a floating head. Just make sure you include a way for you to be able to see out of the costume, nothing ruins Halloween like a concussion.

our conclusion 

These DIY bedsheet costumes not only save you money, but also allow you to showcase your creativity and recycle things you may have simply thrown away, helping the environment one costume at a time. Whether you go for a spooky or light-hearted look, the possibilities are endless when you have a bedsheet and a dash of imagination. Happy haunting!