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yes, we know, another thing on the 'to do' list but give one a go. It might just help
7 things to do if you’re feeling frazzled

Here at eve, we’re all about helping you get the rest you need to rise and shine. But sometimes our busy lives, to-do lists or bothersome thoughts can get in the way of those top quality zzz’s. Which means we tend to wake up feeling even worse. The good news is there’s lots we can do to help beat that frazzled feeling and protect your sleep. Starting with these 7 easy tips that’ll send you from zero to zen in no time.

  1. give your mind a rest

    We’re firm believers in the power of meditation. After all, it has been shown to help us deal with stress, calm a whirring mind (a particular problem when you’re feeling frazzled) and improve sleep. But we’re not talking about the type of meditation where you sit still in silence for long periods of time. We’re talking about a short bedtime meditation - 5 minutes to be precise - that is guided and can help to calm your mind, easing you into a deep and restful sleep. Go on. Give it a try.
  2. sweat it out

    Hear us out on this one. We’re not asking you to do a 60 minute workout or a marathon. But a little exercise - even 5 minutes - can help to boost your endorphins as your blood gets flowing. The best thing about endorphins? They love sleep (so the more the merrier) and can help to improve your mood when things are feeling a bit, well, hairy scary.
  3. try some yoga

    It doesn’t matter if you’re not a zen master. Doing a bit of yoga - again, even a few minutes of it - can help us to really chill out with lots of lovely full body stretching and deep breathing. It’s also a great way to unwind after a busy day (and a great excuse to splash out on those snazzy leggings). Try this 5 minute morning yoga routine and say it with us: ahhhh.
  4. eat for sleep

    When we’re feeling frazzled it’s tempting to reach for the sweets, crisps or anything comforting. But often this can take its toll on our sleep, especially if we’re hit with a sugar rush come 12am or that spicy takeaway is giving us tummy gurgles at 3am. According to our sleep expert Dave Gibson, the best thing to do is to eat meals that are balanced and regular. That’s because eating well means we can dodge dips in blood sugar that leave us tired and cranky. And in turn, that means we’re more likely to get top notch sleep. Read his take on the best (and worst) foods for sleep, along with top tips for nailing your eat/ sleep routine.
  5. pick up a book

    If the last time you leafed through a novel was during your school exams, here’s one good reason to resume the habit. Research shows that reading for just 6 minutes can majorly reduce stress levels.That’s because when we concentrate on a story, our mind is distracted from any whirring thoughts occupying our mind. In fact, it’s so great at easing the tension in our muscles and heart that scientists reckon it’s one of the fastest ways to unwind. Our lineup of the 5 best bedtime reads is a good place to start. And they’re eve HQ approved. Nice.
  6. prioritise your zzz's

    Keeping a regular sleeping pattern in check is actually better than going to bed and waking up at different times everyday. That’s because sticking to roughly the same times means that your body’s internal clock is happy and your circadian rhythm stays in check. If you struggle to drop off, indulging in some bedtime treats like a weighted blanket or relaxing scents can help you to relax when you hit the hay. And if you like the sound of a meditation, the Morphée sleep aid could be your ticket to easing that frazzled mind and dropping off into the kind of sleep where you wake up full of beans.
  7. resist the scroll

    Don’t eyeroll us just yet. But it’s old news that smartphones aren’t great for stress. And spending lots of time scrolling can take its toll on our sleep quality. So the next time you dive into bed, get that bedtime read out. Indulge in that bedtime meditation. Or do something else that takes you away from your phone and allows your mind to unwind before you nod off. If you’re stuck for ideas, you could even try something new like ASMR erotica. You’re welcome.