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Bed rotting is trending on socials right now and that made us want to find out that need-to-know-info on the subject. Uncover all below.
*bed rotting*: what's it all about and should I be doing it?

In a world where we're constantly bombarded with buzzwords, "bed rotting" has emerged as the latest trend that's taking over social media and sending millennials and Gen Z alike into a collective state of joyous sloth. But what exactly is bed rotting, and why are people so enthusiastic about it? Let’s dive under the covers and find out! 

bed rotting as a concept

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t sound great does it? It made me think of the guy representing Sloth in the movie Seven… If you’ve not seen it, then just make sure you’re not eating when you do. Grim. At its core though, bed rotting is the art of doing absolutely nothing—preferably in bed. Think of it as the zenith of laziness, where your primary goal is to resemble a human burrito wrapped in your blanket, accomplishing zero tasks and having zero regrets. Imagine all the satisfaction of a productive day, minus the productivity. Doesn’t sound so bad now does it? 

To those of you thinking, “this isn’t anything new! It’s just having a lazy day!” you’d be absolutely right. However, like most things, they get better with time and research. People have now reached the absolute summit of sluggishness, and we’re going to unpack some of the hints and tips to improved rotting.  

the bed rotting starter pack 

To become a true bed rotter, you’ll need a few essentials: 

  1. A Comfy Bed: Obviously. If your bed isn’t as soft as a cloud, you’re doing it wrong. Invest in a mattress that hugs you back. Oh wait, I know somewhere you can find a mattress like that! POW! Look here
  2. Streaming Services: Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, you name it. You’ll need an endless supply of shows and movies to keep you entertained while you rot. Think of it as chewing gum for the eyes, not literally though, that would be painful and probably lead to surgery. 
  3. Snacky snacks and drinkies: Think crisps, chocolate, sweets, and anything that doesn’t require a fork or, heaven forbid, a plate. When it comes to the drink, the bigger the vessel, the better. Less refills. It’s not my first Rodeo, cowboy…
  4. Pyjamas: The uniform of the bed rotter. Bonus points if they’re mismatched and slightly embarrassing/have holes. Peak rotting occurring right here. 

the benefits of bed rotting 

Some sceptics might call bed rotting a waste of time. Pfft… They need to check themselves before the wreck themselves. Give it a go before dismissing it! Anyway, let’s debunk that negativity with some compelling benefits: 

  1. Mental Recharge: Think of bed rotting as a spa day for your brain. By doing nothing, you’re giving your mind a break from the constant barrage of emails, social media updates, and general existential dread. This can have seriously profound benefits, and treating yourself to some “me time”, can have a positive effect on your mental health. Doing something just for you, is always a boost!
  2. Physical Rest: Your body gets a chance to recuperate. Forget about leg day; this is bed day. It’s a holiday away from the hustle. Great, now I’ve got Van McCoy’s The Hustle in my head… That’s going to be there a while. SMH.
  3. Creativity Boost: Lying in bed doing nothing gives your mind the freedom to wander. Who knows? You might come up with the next big idea while you’re contemplating the ceiling. It worked for me! I thought about this article while having a good old rot!

bed rotting etiquette 

As with any activity, there are some unwritten rules to bed rotting: 

  • No Alarm Clocks: Alarms are the mortal enemy of bed rotting. Wake up when your body says it's time, not when society does. STICK IT TO THE MAN! 
  • Minimal Movement: The less you move, the better. Bathroom breaks are allowed, but anything beyond that is pushing it. Pick a lane! Either commit or leave it to the pros…
  • Technology Rules: Scrolling through your phone is encouraged, but don’t you dare check work emails. This is sacred rotting time. (*Insert angelic choir sounds*) 

the social media phenomenon 

On platforms like TikTok and Instagram, bed rotting is celebrated with hashtags, memes, and viral videos. People share their best bed rotting setups, from fancy pillow forts to elaborate snack displays. It's a community of like-minded rotters coming together to celebrate the joy of doing nothing. Maybe think about showing off your own set-up, just don’t put too much effort into it, otherwise it’ll feel like work and defeat the whole purpose!  

it’s not all (lack of) sunshine and rainbows 

Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, but we’ve got to keep things real… Bed Rotting can have some negative side effects, especially if you rot on the reg. It can cause sleep problems, inactivity (obviously), and in some cases, depression. Bed rotting can also be a manifestation of underlying issues with mental health, like anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem.    

Bed rotting has also been linked to a couple of not so delightful terms, one being ‘Hikkikomori’, which is a Japanese designation for people who seek extreme degrees of confinement and social isolation, typically for periods of 6 months or more. It’s usually adolescents that do this, and normally with males. Sorry chaps. Another term is NEET, or Not in Employment or Education, and it is used for people who are exactly that. Not particularly cryptic. One final term though, is “hurkle-durkle”, which is an old Scottish term meaning, “to lie in bed when one should be up and about”, and I’m sorry, but anything with that name like that is never a bad thing in our book… Too cute. 


In a world that often glorifies hustle (dang song…) culture and constant productivity, bed rotting is a refreshing reminder that sometimes, the best thing you can do is nothing at all. So, next time someone asks what you did all weekend, proudly tell them you were bed rotting. After all, in the immortal words of every bed rotter's spirit animal, Garfield the cat: "I’m not lazy, I’m just on energy-saving mode." He loved lasagne though, which needs a plate… Pobody’s nerfect.  

So, embrace the art of bed rotting. Your bed is calling, and it promises to be the most rewarding non-activity you’ve ever experienced. Happy rotting!