tidy your way to better sleep

yes, removing mess really does help your sleep

tidy your way to better sleep

Whatever the size of your bedroom, keeping it tidy can make it a sleep-friendly sanctuary. Untidiness is linked to higher cortisol levels (the stress hormone) – which can affect your ability to nod off, so it makes sense to declutter. Also, less clutter means less dust too – a particularly good thing if you’ve got allergies. Want the best chance of a lovely night’s sleep, and a brighter, happier wake-up? Here are a few handy tips. 

  1. Get decluttering (but do it bit by bit) 

    Ok this bit can be daunting, so do it in stages so the sheer stuff-ness of it all doesn’t overwhelm you.

    Maybe do your drawers first, then under your bed, then your wardrobe. Put clothes on your bed, and see what you want to keep. That jumper you keep in case pom-poms come back in? Charity shop. The socks with more hole than sock? Drop ‘em in at your local recycling centre.

    Any stuff that doesn’t belong in your tranquil bedroom (looking at you, kids’ toys, PS4 and bike repair kit. Just us? ok) – remove it and put it somewhere else. Then pat yourself on the back, and let yourself feel a little bit smug.
  2. Stash, store and (whoop!) see less stuff

    Once you’ve decluttered, you’ll have the things left that need to be there. And that’s where it’s a good idea to have some nifty storage tricks up your sleeve. The right storage hides stuff away, so you don’t have to see or stress about it. Tidy room, tidy mind, as your mum used to say.

    the storage bed The ultimate space-saver for smaller rooms, our storage double bed frame has a super-generous space for blankets, bedding and things you don’t want anyone to find (clue: your midnight snack stash). With a nifty opening mechanism that’s easier than buttering a crumpet, getting tidy is a breeze. There’s even a single version for that boxy spare room you want to keep in order.

    the handy pocket or box 
    For the little things like specs, book or tablet, our Scandi-style felt bedside pocket anchors under your mattress for easy access while you’re snuggled up. And if you love reading in bed, the bedside mini storage box makes a perfect rest for your tablet and cuppa, while squirreling away all your bits and bobs.
  3. Separate your work space if you can 

    If you use your bedroom to work in (and let’s face it, many of us are doing this more and more), try to find a way to separate the space where you snooze. Keep work papers and tech in one defined part, and don’t let the businessy stuff stray onto your bed. Your bed should be where you relax, and you don’t want to associate it with work. 
  4. Create a calm ambience 

    Now you’ve cleared some headspace in your bedroom, time for the finishing touches. The ultimate way to encourage sleep is to create a calm environment, designed to relaaaaax you nicely. Choose soft, snuggly bedding in soothing colours, scented candles designed to lull you off, and even a gadget that helps you meditate your way to zzz’s. And as for lighting, keep it low, with something like our minimalist gingko baton – its soft warm light will keep you nicely snoozy. 

      So there you go. Lovely, calm and soooo tranquil – the perfect space to drift blissfully into dreamsville (and somewhere you’ll actually look forward to spending time in). For more useful tips, have a look at our simple ways to organise your sleep sanctuary for better sleep.