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A favourite among sleepy Brits, our double memory foam mattress has captured the hearts of the nation with it’s gloriously comfy and supportive foam that’s designed to give you the kip you need to wake up full of beans. Discover more below or head to all mattresses if you fancy a different size.

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how big is a double memory foam mattress?

The size of our double memory foam mattress is 135 x 190 cm (or 53 x 75 inches or 4.4 x 6.2 feet). In simpler terms, it’s got enough space for you, your sleeping partner (or a furry friend), and a generously big cup of tea. Mmm.


how thick is a double memory foam mattress?

Our double memory foam mattress comes in 3 thicknesses: the lighter (20 cm), the original (24 cm) and the premium mattress (28 cm). With the original and premium being a little bit thicker, we’ve been able to pack in more of our lovely jubbly foam and delightfully comfy touches. But we’ll let our mattress comparison tool tell you the rest.


which double memory foam mattress is right for me?

Our mattress comparison tool can help you work out if a memory foam mattress or a hybrid mattress (a mix of springs and foam) is right for you.

does your 1 year trial include the double memory foam mattress?

It does indeed. So if you’re umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether a double memory foam mattress is for you, our 1 year trial’s got your back. If you decide it’s not a match made in mattress heaven (though we’re sure you’ll be happy as Larry), you can return it within the 365 nights and we’ll sort out your refund. No questions asked and no funny business.