super king hybrid mattresses


      Want a mattress that has serious phwoarrrrrr factor? Then look no further than the springs and foam super king hybrid mattress. With generous space for you, your loved one and your furry friends, or to starfish solo, there’s simply no greater joy than a splendid night’s kip on a super king hybrid mattress (or any of our mattresses, really).

      3 products

      3 products

      how big is a super king hybrid mattress?

      A super king hybrid mattress measures in at 180 x 200 cm (or 70 x 78 inches, or 5.9 x 6.5 feet). As for the thickness, this changes from the lighter (20 cm) to the original (25 cm) to the premium (28 cm). So all you have to do is decide which you fancy.

      will a super king hybrid mattress fit my room?

      There’s an easy way to find out. And it involves you, a tape measure and a cup of tea (because... why not?). When you measure up, think about your movement around the room. We’re not all morning dancers, but if you’re the ‘jump out of bed’ type and your room is on the smaller side, then a super king hybrid mattress might not be for you. We have other sizes of hybrid mattresses that could fit the bill, though.


      how do I choose a super king hybrid mattress?

      It’s always worth having a gander at each of our super king hybrid mattresses to work out which one tickles your pickle. Our nifty mattress comparison tool can help you work out if the lighter, the original or the premium super king hybrid mattress is for you.


      what’s the difference between the lighter, original and premium super king hybrid mattress?

      Good question. We pack all of our super king hybrid mattresses with the top-to-toe support you’d expect from any eve mattress, but you’ll find that there are more springs and levels of foam as you go from the lighter up to the original and the premium (hint: check our mattress comparison tool for all of the juicy details).

      can I get a trial on the super king hybrid mattress?

      Absolutely. Each and every one of our mattresses comes with a 1 year trial, so you can kip to your heart’s content before you decide if it’s a match made in mattress heaven (which we’re sure it will be).