eve. rise. shine

We’re obsessed with the power of sleep and the way it can fill your day with sunny optimism and the energy to be at your best. So, we’re spreading the word far and wide. From not-so-sleepy sloths to fabulous drag queens, this is just some of what we’ve been up to.

unwind with eve

Feeling a bit fuzzy lately or can't get your head into gear? With a new (stay at home) routine comes a whole host of new experiences, so if you’re struggling with a messy mind or can’t seem to wind down, we’ve got you covered. Explore our unwind with eve series to get helpful tips and tricks for nights filled with glorious zzz’s.

the eve dream quiz

Ever pondered the meaning of your dreams, from the mundane to the strangely prescient? Perhaps you never remember your dreams, or wonder if you dream at all? Whatever sort of dreamer you are, it can say a lot about how you’re feeling, and how you’re sleeping.

ASMR erotica

It’s funny, sex is a topic never talked about by sleep companies. It’s kind of a taboo. But why? We all mainly do it in a bed, it helps us nod off (thank you orgasm), and it’s fun! That’s why this Valentines day, we are celebrating orgasms in all their god-damn glory and acknowledging their importance in orgasmic sleep. To do this we’ve partnered with leading ASMR expert Whisperaudios to create something soothing, sexy and a little bit spicy...


a partner in sleep

Nobody understands how a good night’s sleep can impact your day more than Britain’s most successful Olympic and Paralympic teams. And that’s exactly why British Rowing has chosen us as their official sleep partner. From a freshly kitted out sleep den (yes, really) to handpicked sleep travel kits, discover how we’ve been lending a hand to help them rise, shine and go for gold.

right to sleep

At eve, we want to put poor sleep to bed once and for all. We’re tired of people not getting the sleep they deserve, so we’re on a mission. A pretty big one. We want to make sleep a human right. But, unfortunately, we can’t do this alone, we need your help. So join us and share your stories to help make it happen.

wake up dancing

What does it take to get one of the world’s slowest, sleepiest animals leaping out of bed and dancing its socks off? A bedroom kitted out with the comfiest, stylish eve offerings and an epic soundtrack, that’s what. And if a sloth can feel this joyful every morning, so can you.

sleep fit for a queen

Together with Sink The Pink, we’re celebrating the power that sleep can have in helping you to rise, shine and be your ferociously fabulous self (even when you have to be ferociously fabulous well past your bedtime).

refuse to snooze

Earlier this year, we urged the nation to ditch the pesky, energy-stealing snooze button. For part of the campaign, we recorded a podcast with the ultimate riser-and-shiner, the queen of positivity, Katie Piper. Highly recommended for a dose of feel-good motivation.