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how to prep your body (and mind) for the summer clock change

You either love or loathe the clocks changing. In the winter, it makes the days shorter, but you get one more delicious hour in bed. And in the summer, you might lose an hour, but you get to enjoy all of the lovely jubbly benefits of longer days. Whichever one you prefer, there’s no doubt that losing an hour in the summer can cause our sleep to go a bit, well, awry. That’s why we’re sharing some handy tips on how to prep yourself and get through the summer clock change like a pro.

why does the clock change affect our sleep?

Sleep quality can be affected by all sorts of things like your bedroom environment, noise, what you eat and your temperature. And another major thing is a change in routine.By changing the clocks twice a year, we’re not only messing with our body clocks, but also our production of melatonin (the sleepy hormone). Which is why rolling the clocks forward by just one hour can take its toll on our precious zzz’s while we adjust to the change.

sleep tips for the summer clock change

Not to worry, though. As your trusty sleep experts we have some tried and tested ways to help when the summer clock change comes around.

  1. exercise the day before: Working out helps to boost serotonin (the happy hormone) which can boost your sleep quality. And by getting outside and soaking up some natural light, you could help your body’s circadian rhythm adjust. Two birds, one stone, eh?
  2. skip the lie in: We know it’s tempting. But snoozing for an extra hour could make it harder for you to sleep the next night. An easy way to get in the swing of the clock change is by going to bed earlier the night before instead.
  3. time your drink: It’s no secret that drinking alcohol close to bedtime can keep you up through the night and reduce your precious REM sleep. And the clocks changing can be an easy way to catch you out. So to get your best quality shuteye, sleep expert Dave Gibson recommends leaving 2 hours between your last drink and hitting the hay.
  4. grab an afternoon nap: Sleep expert Christine Hansen recommends stealing a quick 20 minute power nap before 2pm if you’re feeling super tired. Any later than that and you might find you’re ceiling-gazing come midnight.
  5. just go with it: Stress is one of the biggest stealers of sleep. So while missing out on an hour is annoying, going with the flow might be easier than resisting it. Our guided 5 minute meditation can help soothe you into a restful sleep if you find you’re awake at a funny hour. There’s one for your little ones, too.