super king memory foam mattresses


      Don’t underestimate the splendour of a super king memory foam mattress. Think next level hotel bed type vibes, but with ultra clever foam that means you’ll never lose a wink again. The result? Happy, glorious, sun-filled mornings* (*British weather allowing). If you fancy something a bit smaller, though, simply shop our other mattresses.

      3 products

      3 products

      how big is a super king memory foam mattress?

      A super king memory foam mattress rings in at 180 x 200 cm (or 70 x 78 inches, or 5.9 x 6.5 feet). And you’ll find it comes in 3 thicknesses: 20 cm in the lighter, 24 cm in the original and 28 cm in the premium.


      will a super king memory foam mattress fit my room?

      Good question. It’s always best to check, so grab a tape measure, take the measurements above and check your space. If this is your first venture into a super king memory foam mattress, then it’s worth making sure you can still walk around it easily (especially if you plan on getting a king size bed frame, too). So we recommend marking the corners with weights or something you can plonk in one place. Then try moving/ dancing/ rolling around where the mattress would sit. And if you’re happy with it, then the job’s a good'un.


      how do I choose a super king memory foam mattress?

      Having an idea of what you’d like out of your mattress will help you choose. If you’re after a foam mattress, then the super king memory foam mattress is a good plan. But if you’re curious about a hybrid mattress which is a mix of springs and foam, then it’s worth comparing both on our nifty mattress comparison tool.

      Hot tip: both our foam and hybrid mattresses come in lighter, original and premium versions, so have a play around with our comparison tool to see which tickles your pickle.


      what are the benefits of the super king memory foam mattress?

      Apart from the stonking size that’ll make you feel like slumbering royalty, an eve super king memory foam mattress really is the memory foam world’s finest specimen. In this whoppy mattress size, we’ve packed in layer upon layer of our unique foam that’s breathable and supports all your bony bits in the right places while you kip. The idea is you’ll rest easier than ever and wake up full of beans. And who doesn’t want that?

      can I get a trial on the super king memory foam mattress?

      Yup, we offer a frankly brilliant 1 year trial on all eve mattresses. Find out more over on our mattress trial page.