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simple tricks to get the endorphins flowing
8 ways to boost your energy in winter

Shorter days. Colder weather. Darker evenings. It’s a recipe for feeling a bit sluggish, right? Well, the good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. Give yourself a good morning pick-me-up with these 8 ways to boost your energy levels in winter.

  1. breathe innnn and outtttt

    A bit of deep breathing can leave you feeling more energised and present. An easy way to up the energy levels is with a guided meditation that focuses on breathing. Or you could start the morning with this 5 minute yoga routine for some extra added zen. Then all that’s left is to smash the day ahead.
  2. dance away the blues

    Blasting a playlist of your favourite feel-good songs and busting a few moves is a great way to boost your energy. Add to the playlist every time you hear a song that gives you a sublimely joyous feeling. Then turn the volume up and dance like no one’s watching. We won’t tell.
  3. work it out

    Let’s face it, finding the motivation to exercise in the colder months is tricky, especially when your bed is oh-so-cosy. But it’s worth digging deep to find it. Staying active can massively improve your mood and increase your levels of endorphins (those lovely jubbly happy hormones). We recommend getting started with a simple walk each day - like a few minutes on your lunch break - and you might be surprised at the effects on your energy levels.
  4. set yourself up for laughs

    We all love a good giggle, whether it’s our favourite Friends episode, that viral video doing the rounds or some classic Dad jokes. Feel full of beans already? Good. We’re no experts, but laughter is frankly brilliant medicine. Studies have even shown that laughing relaxes your body and relieves stress. Our bodies release tons of endorphins every time we laugh which are proven to boost energy and reduce fatigue. Funny, that.
  5. resist energy-draining drinks

    Sometimes, the things that we think give us energy have the opposite effect. Take caffeine and alcohol, which on the surface might appear to give you a boost of energy. Turns out they can actually trick your brain into thinking that you don’t need sleep. The moral of the story? Make it a decaf in the afternoon. And try not to have a glass of vino right before bed.
  6. stock up on vitamin D

    Vitamin D has been proven to boost your mood and energy levels. But sadly, you can’t get vitamin D from the sun in the winter (thanks, Britain). Which is why so many of us feel a bit rubbish during the cold months. Health experts recommend taking supplements to keep yourself feeling chipper. Easy, eh?
  7. get yourself a light box

    Around 1 in 15 Brits experience a condition called seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the winter months. Symptoms include low mood and sadness. Although the exact cause of SAD isn’t fully understood, it’s thought that the lack of sunlight might be to blame. Some experts suggest buying a light box (or SAD lamp) that mimics outdoor light to give yourself a much-needed boost.
  8. do a good deed

    Doing something for someone else can be one of the best ways to improve your mood and your energy. By doing a good deed, you’ll feel an addictive feel-good buzz which will really boost your energy and mood. All while benefiting someone else. Winner.